About Us

As the homepage says, it’s unconscionable that anybody should be starving in the richest country in human history - let alone anyone in a world this abundant - and having to eat from garbage dumpsters!

Who else has noticed when you look around we're *hard pressed* to find a municipality that's doing a *great job* addressing our homelessness epidemic and those in need that go hungry? So we want to try and do something about it - and now you can help too.


And unlike other 'philanthropic' 'crowd-funding' sites, HFTH has the *lowest* fee (in addition to Paypal's set fee of 2.9% + $0.30) - we charge just 1 quarter ($0.25) per transaction to cover operating costs (compare the difference with a leading crowd-funding site below..) - we want our service to benefit the most in need possible.  


fee = 5% flat fee (plus PayPal's fee)


HFTH fee =  $0.25 flat fee (plus PayPal's fee)